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While microblading is an excellent choice for many men and women, there are several misconceptions that may be deterring you from making your appointment. The following are some common microblading myths that you should watch out for. 

From relaxing on the beach to attending a special occasion, you want to look and feel your best this summer. While there are many ways to enhance your confidence, med spa treatments are a great way to give your look an extra boost. As many beauty experts will tell you, proper eyebrow care is key to looking put together. This is why many people are turning to microblading to achieve eye-catching brows.

Finally, you can toss your eyebrow pencil and try out this semi-permanent brow solution. During this procedure, a med spa professional will use a small tool to add pigment under the skin. This results in bolder, fuller looking brows that last.

While microblading is an excellent choice for many men and women, there are several misconceptions that may be deterring you from making your appointment. The following are some common microblading myths that you should watch out for.

1. Microblading Will Leave Scars

Professional plastic surgeons are trained to perform this procedure, and you will leave without scars. Since microblading is similar to tattooing, you will need to perform thorough aftercare to help your brows heal properly. Your med spa professional will give you specific instructions on how to care for your brows.

2. Microblading is Extremely Painful

While you may experience slight discomfort during this treatment, you will not be in extreme pain. Before they begin adding the pigment, your plastic surgeon will apply a topical solution to numb the brow region. This will keep you more comfortable during the process.

3. This Procedure is Permanent

Since this treatment is likened to tattooing, some people think the results are permanent. However, microblading is semi-permanent, so you will need to schedule touch-ups to retain your results.

4. You Can Have Your Brows Microbladed At Your Hair Salon

As with anybody or facial procedure, it’s important to schedule your microblading appointment at a certified med spa or surgical center. When a professional plastic surgeon performs this treatment, you can know that the office is up to health standards and able to produce the best possible results.

5. Everyone Will Experience the Same Microblading Results

Remember: Everyone’s body is unique. This means that every patient can have a different microblading experience. Speak to your plastic surgeon about how you should best care for your brows and when you should come in for touch up appointments. They can give advice that best fits your needs.

6. Microblading Uses a Blade

Due to the name of the treatment, some people have the misconception that their med spa professional will be cutting the brows with a surgical blade. This is simply not true. A microblading tool is a small handled instrument that is meant to delicately apply the pigment. Since your plastic surgeon will be gentle during the treatment, the tool is far from intimidating.

7. Microblading Does Not Look Natural

Since this treatment process is similar to tattooing, you might be picturing completely tattooed eyebrows. However, your results will look beautifully natural. This is because your surgeon will use strokes that mimic the shape of eyebrow hairs. The end results will have the appearance of natural texture while looking bolder than your natural brows.

Microblading is an excellent option for both men and women. By trusting this cosmetic procedure to a trained plastic surgeon, you can ensure that your brows look as professional, and clean as possible. After your treatment, be sure to talk to the med spa about proper aftercare. By ignoring the myths and listening to your surgeon, you can enjoy flawless eyebrows and untouchable confidence.

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