When it comes to just about everything in life, you just can’t believe everything that you hear and see. Indeed, the internet is fraught with plenty of misinformation, which can make those who are legitimately considering getting a cosmetic surgery procedure misled when it comes to the facts and putting themselves at potential risk. Doing research on your own before diving into a particular procedure is smart, but you’ll also want professional opinions on the matter.

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Fortunately, Dr. Jason Wright and the team at Wright Surgical Arts are here to make sure that you’re fully informed when it comes to our cosmetic surgery services here in Pasco. Whether you’re looking into tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation or anti-aging treatments, our experienced surgeon and staff will help guide you to a decision you feel comfortable with. After all, we want our patients to be comfortable and confident about what they’re doing more than anything else.

To help clear up some misinformation out there, let’s take a quick look at some myths about cosmetic surgery.

Myth: You Have To Be Rich To Get Cosmetic Surgery

In this day and age, this is definitely not true – there are a variety of treatments available to patients who are interested in aesthetic changes. After a consultation for facial analysis or another region of the body, most patients can enjoy multiple options that comfortably fit their personal financial budget.

Myth: Getting a Tummy Tuck is a Sign of Laziness Because You Can Just Diet and Exercise to Achieve the Same Results.

Most people think that the tummy tuck is a weight loss procedure, so because of this misconception, they also think that the results can be achieved by simply eating right and exercising. This is not at all what the tummy tuck is about. Have you ever known someone who lost a significant amount of weight or just had a baby and was left with hanging skin and tissue? That is what the tummy tuck is designed for. Abdominoplasty (the medical term for this body contouring procedure) is intended to remove the excess skin or tissue that is often left hanging in these post-pregnancy or major weight-loss situations. These problems cannot be solved through diet or exercise because it is not a matter of losing fat/weight, but instead is caused by a loss of elasticity in the skin resulting from previously being stretched out.

Myth: You’re Vain If You Get Cosmetic Surgery

Just because you want to get a procedure does not mean that you are vain, shallow or egotistical. If you ask us, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with correcting something about yourself that bothers you. In fact, many patients who undergo various procedures have normal and otherwise healthy concerns about their appearance and they just want to look well-rested and happy. So, after surgery, many patients often feel an overall improvement in not just their appearance, but also their quality of life. And who doesn’t want a better quality of life?

Myth: Everything You See On TV Is The ‘Norm’

One of the biggest plastic surgery myths is that what you see on the media or reality television shows is actually ‘real’ and considered normal. Well, that is far from the truth – on many television and reality shows, any evidence of cosmetic surgery points to a fake and obviously augmented appearance. Remember, getting cosmetic surgery should be something that you’re doing for yourself, not to be like celebrities!

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