If you’ve struggled to lose weight despite sticking to a strict diet and moderately exercising over the course of months to even years, we understand your struggle. While eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and regular exercise are key to good health and longevity, sometimes people need a boost to help them lose weight after months and months of trying to no avail. That’s why Wright Surgical Arts is excited to provide the Eastern Pacific Northwest area with our exclusive ORBERA® Gastric Weight Loss Balloon!

The Exclusive ORBERA® Gastric Weight Loss Balloon Provider In Pasco

Below, our Pasco cosmetic surgery specialists are going to cover some of the benefits and overall aspects of the ORBERA® system. The below information is not an exhaustive or comprehensive resource, however — please feel free to visit here if you’d like more in-depth information about how the ORBERA® Gastric Weight Loss Balloon works, various safety information, if you’re an ideal candidate for this weight loss procedure, and more.

As always, feel free to reach out and contact Wright Surgical Arts if you have any questions!

What Is The ORBERA® Gastric Balloon?

This rather simple and safe weight loss procedure involves medically inserting a durable, inflatable (and deflatable) balloon made out of medical-grade soft silicone. Gently inflated in your stomach to correspond with your stomach’s size and natural volume, the idea behind the ORBERA® Gastric Balloon is to feel more full off of less amounts of food.

Identifying Common Concerns About The ORBERA® System

Naturally, there’s a certain level of concern that arises when one considers the idea of having a balloon medically (but nonsurgically) inserted into their stomach. Fortunately, the tried-and-true ORBERA® Gastric Balloon is:

  • An FDA-approved, nonsurgical and noninvasive medical procedure
  • Safely administered by qualified ORBERA® professionals
  • Proven to help individuals lose up to 3x the amount of weight as compared to regular diet and exercise alone
  • A 12-month, medically-managed support program designed to safely guide you through your weight loss journey and keep you feeling healthy for life
  • An ideal way to kickstart a new, healthy lifestyle and lasting positive change!

Am I An Ideal Candidate For This Weight Loss Procedure?

This is the right question to begin with. Realistically, anyone who’s overweight and struggled to lose weight will benefit from the ORBERA® Gastric Balloon. However, it is up to the discretion of a licensed medical professional to determine if you’re a safe and viable candidate for this weight loss procedure. Scheduling a consultation with the team here at Wright Surgical Arts is a great way to learn if OBERA® is right for you!

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For many people struggling to permanently lose weight and create positive, healthy and lasting change in their lives, the ORBERA® Gastric Balloon is helpful procedure worth consideration. To learn more about how this managed weight loss system works, watch this video, visit our information page, or contact Wright Surgical Arts directly. We’re excited to help you achieve healthy change in your life!

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