CO2 laser resurfacing is a non-invasive procedure that is performed by Dr. Wright. This type of laser can be tailored for superficial epidermis resufacing to aggressive fully ablative treatments. This laser is perfect for skin deterioration and skin with slight droop as it helps revitalize damaged skin as well as tighten the loose skin that develops with age. As an alternative to facial cosmetic procedures such as the facelift, this minimally invasive laser technique can be used on the entire face. Dr. Wright recommends CO2 laser resurfacing to patients with the following cosmetic concerns:

  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Facial creases and fine lines
  • Rough skin texture
  • loose wrinkled skin around the eyes
  • Mouth wrinkles

How to Prepare for CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Wright will provide you with aftercare instructions and necessary prescriptions well in advance so you are ready to go when the day arrives.

Two weeks before and after laser treatment, you may be directed to discontinue taking medications and supplements that can thin the blood, such as ibuprofen, aspirin and vitamin E, as well as medications that may increase the risk of developing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Let Dr. Wright know if you are prone to cold sores or notice signs of an infection or illness prior to treatment.

CO2 Laser Treatment

Depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment, patients can be given a mild oral sedative with facial numbing cream to IV sedation. The skin is then carefully treated with the CO2 laser which encourages collagen remodeling and skin rejuvenation.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Recovery and Results

Depending on the aggressiveness of your treatment, the CO2 laser resurfacing recovery period is about 4-14 days. In the first 2-3 days after your procedure (depending of agressivness of treatment), you will likely experience redness, swelling, mild crusting and weeping, and although unsightly, these temporary side effects should not be painful. After 4-5 days, skin may begin to peel.

Dressings will need to be changed every few hours for 2-3 days, and showering is ok on the second day. It is important to keep your head elevated to minimize swelling and use recommended moisturizers during CO2 laser resurfacing recovery. Taking antibiotics and protecting your skin from the sun will help ensure you do not experience infection, poor wound healing or potentially permanent skin pigmentation changes after CO2 laser treatment.

Most patients return to work and resume wearing makeup one week after CO2 laser treatment, and by the second week of your recovery period, skin is almost completely healed except for slight residual pinkness. Final CO2 laser resurfacing results are seen 6-8 weeks after treatment, at which time firmer, smoother skin, reduced wrinkles and lines, diminished acne scars and skin irregularities and overall improvement in skin tone and texture will be visible.

Please contact Wright Surgical Arts for further information about CO2 laser skin resurfacing.