woman with a perfect neckline tilting her chin up


One of the most subtle indicators of youth and beauty is the line from your neck to the underside of your chin. The same beautiful face and slim neck can make a significantly different impression based on a little factor called “submental fullness”, which is a measure of the fat stored right beneath your jaw line. Many people who are perfectly healthy and slim still have an amount of submental fullness that would look more appropriate on a person of much greater weight. This is just one of those places the body stores fat whether or not we want it to. Fortunately, a product called Kybella ensures that this incongruous pocket of fat can be easily dealt with, and you don’t even need surgery!

Submental Fullness

We can’t control where our bodies store fat, and almost no one is completely happy with their body’s choices as to where that happens and in what order. A lot of us fight the flab with exercise and a good diet, but there are still those ‘trouble spots’ that bother us, even if no one else appears to notice. Storing fat under your chin is no different from women who just can’t shake that pear-shape, or can’t seem to get a flat belly no matter how much they diet or workout. Even girls who are trying to gain weight rather than lose it complain that it goes to all the wrong places first. Submental fullness is exactly that: fat where we don’t want it instead of where we do.

Kybella Treatments

Kybella is the brand name of synthetic deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body that helps you break down and absorb dietary fats. This means that anywhere you apply Kybella, the fats will break themselves down in a safe and healthy way. A single Kybella treatment involves injecting this synthetic fat-buster into the submental area underneath your chin to eliminate those rebellious fat cells. More than just chasing the fat away, Kybella fully destroys the fat cells, ensuring that you only need to go through the process once to ensure that your chin stays sharp and beautiful for the rest of your life.

Number of Treatments

Kybella isn’t some new diet craze and you won’t have to do it for years in order to see results. Each treatment should be allowed to set for a month before the next one, and no more than 6 treatments are required (or should be applied) for any one patient. Kybella reports that 41% of their study participants were done with treatments in fewer than 6 sessions. This means that your time with Kybella can never exceed 6 months, and might be less than that for complete youthful results.

Great Looks and No Surgery

Unlike surgery, dermabrasions, or even Botox, the effects of Kybella are caused by a chemical reaction between the deoxycholic acid and the fat cells. While you can expect some tenderness and swelling right afterward, the effects are permanent, leaving your submental area unable to develop that unwanted ‘fullness’ ever again. This leaves your chin slim and beautiful for the rest of your life, with no more than six non-invasive treatments.

With Kybella, you have a chance to claim a look of firm, and youthful beauty, without the touch of a scalpel or the temporary hassle of Botox. After only a few treatments, your profile will change significantly, bringing out the strength of your jaw and the slenderness of your neck in a way that few would even be able to identify. When you’re satisfied with your new breathtaking profile, it may be time to take a few glamorous photos to commemorate the occasion.