Woman in 40s without wrinkles smiling to the camera.

Even with the most advanced skin care products, and the most diligent application of sunscreen, you will eventually notice the not-so-subtle signs of aging. Your skin will become drier; it may not have the healthy bounce it had only a few years ago. The lack of collagen causes most of the aging that shows on your face. You can enhance the collagen production in your skin with Sculptra.®

The Importance of Collagen

Collagen is one of the three major players in the components of your skin. Along with elastin, and glycosaminoglycans, collagen provides support to all of your tissues and gives them strength. By the time you reach the age of forty, your collagen production can decrease by more than 20 percent, as much as 35 percent by the age of 55.

The Results of Decreased Collagen

The aging you see on your face is a result of collagen and elastin becoming disconnected. As a result, you may notice drooping, wrinkles and creases. Your cheeks can start to appear sunken and drawn. The growth of new skin cells slows down, and skin takes on a dulled appearance.

Not a Cosmetic Filler

Sculptra® is an injected compound, but Sculptra® is not a cosmetic filler. A cosmetic filler is a gel or liquid that is injected into your face to fill and plump the spaces under your skin.

While we have been relying on collagen injections to fight the signs and symptoms of aging for decades, these injections do not increase your skin’s ability to produce collagen. Sculptra® does.  Sculptra® (poly-L lactic acid collagen stimulator) is different. As it is absorbed, your body will produce more of your own collagen. Sculptra® produces noticeable results.

Safe and Effective

Sculptra® is as safe as it is effective. This product is a biodegradable, biocompatible compound used in surgery for decades. It is the same compound found in dissolvable stitches. There are many advantages to using Sculptra® to reduce the signs of facial aging and rejuvenate your appearance.

  • No recovery time
  • No surgery
  • Naturally looking, subtle enhancement
  • Safe and effective


Your Sculptra® session will take approximately thirty minutes. On average, you may need up to three Sculptra® sessions for optimal benefits. The number of sessions you will need for your best results will depend on the amount of collagen that has been lost.

Results Over Time

You will not see the benefits of your Sculptra® session immediately. Within the next few weeks, you will begin to notice subtle changes in your appearance.

  • Creases will diminish
  • Your face will feel firmer
  • Wrinkles will fade
  • Skin feels more resilient
  • Hollowed Cheeks will firm and regain their youthful appearance.


Treatments Last for Years

Because your body metabolizes Sculptra®, your transformation will last for two to three years. To maintain your results, you can have touch-up treatments every 18- 24 months. Although Sculptra® is a safe treatment option, you may experience a few temporary side effects after your treatment.


  • Injection site swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Redness or bruising
  • Itching
  • Small bumps under the skin


Not Right for Everyone

Sculptra® is not the right solution for everyone. Your cosmetic surgeon will know if Sculptra® is your best option. You may want to discuss alternatives if you fit into any of the following categories.

  • Under the age of 18
  • Have a compromised immune system
  • Are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have a history of raised scars or keloid formation


To know if Sculptra® is your best solution to reverse facial aging, the best source of information is your cosmetic surgeon. Contact Wright Surgical Arts in Pasco WA to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated team will help determine your options for achieving the best results.