Closeup portrait of a smiling mature woman enjoying in her healthy skin, smiling with little to no wrinkles after a Dysport injection and touching her face

How many times do you frown in a day? It’s nearly impossible to count because most of us crease our brows at everything from hard work to bright sunlight. Every time we pull our eyebrows together in thought or worry, it increases the depth and intensity of those little wrinkles between the brows. You don’t even have to fully frown or be unhappy to cause this. When we’re young, a smile will pull the brows into their naturally smooth configuration, but as we get older, the skin has a harder time recovering and the frown wrinkles remain even when you’re happy. For some people, especially when combined with sun or wind exposure, this can result in a look of premature age. Fortunately, there’s new cosmetic solution to bring back the youthful appearance of your lovely smile.

  • How Dysport Can Help

If you’re looking to smooth out those brow wrinkles, along with other little detail areas like forehead lines or slowly growing crows feet, Dysport could easily be the right solution for you. This treatment is applied with injections to the desired area and acts to gently immobilize the muscles used to frown around your eyes and forehead. The cosmetic formula has recently been approved by the FDA for use in America but has been reducing frown lines in Europe for years.

  • What is Dysport, Exactly?

The Dysport formula is made primarily of Butolinum type A, which is a muscle-paralyzing controlled toxin similar to what is used for Botox and is breaking into the American Botox monopoly on wrinkle-smoothing injection treatments. There are a few distinct differences between the two products, though they can be used nearly interchangeably for a similar effect. For those using it, the biggest difference is that Dysport tends to spread slightly further than Botox, creating a wider smoothed area per injection. On the science side of things, Dysport is a smaller molecule which is why you need slightly more units of it per treatment than Botox. Even so, it is currently the less expensive option in many offices.

  • Keep Your Natural Expressions

While you may have heard bad things about the ‘frozen face’ of Botox, Dysport goes out of its way to ensure you can maintain your rich emotional life. The treatment targets only the five brow points, immobilizing only the corrugator, procerus, and depressor supercilii muscles, leaving the every other muscle in your face able to move freely. This kind of precise care ensures that your face remains beautifully expressive throughout your course of cosmetic treatments. With Dysport, you can take the wrinkles out of your expressions without presenting an artificially frozen facial affect.

  • Learning to Smile More

Maintaining the most profound effects of Dysport usually involves injections about every 4 months, and it’s been known to last longer. One doctor found that “after several treatments [many people find] that they don’t need another one for longer because they have ‘unlearned’ the habit of frowning” that originally caused the lines. In the modern world, it’s easy to start taking things too seriously and frowning more often than necessary. Dysport can help you notice when you’d normally crease your brow and train yourself not to even after the treatment begins to fade. This will not only help with wrinkles, it can remind you to be happy and enjoy the things around you instead of worrying all the time.

Dysport has been a popular product in Europe for several years and is quickly picking up speed here in the states. Faster acting, wider spreading, and in many locations less expensive than Botox, the Dysport revolution is on its way to becoming a favorite in the cosmetics community. If you’re ready to fight back against the worry lines, Dysport is ready for you.