Femilift and its Benefits

Femilift is an innovative procedure of tightening a woman’s vagina without undergoing any surgical procedure. This revolutionary laser technique uses a unique vaginal probe, which is also very comfortable for delivering controlled laser therapy on the entire circumference of a woman’s vagina. Fractionated laser energy is used by the CO2 laser that is divided into micro pixels so that maximum precision can be provided with the perfect pulse and at the correct wavelength. After the insertion of the laser probe into the vagina, a controlled beam of light will penetrate the vaginal epithelium to target the tissue so that new collagen is produced.

Here are some of the major benefits of the Femilift procedure:

Highly accurate

The procedure ensures the highest level of precision and accuracy by utilizing the Alma CO2. The Alma CO2 Laser, as it is popularly known as, has been effectively applied to fight the aging effects on the human skin. It only takes about half an hour for the completion of the Femilift procedure. The probe on the vagina features a complete 360 degree rotation, which results in the procedure’s accuracy and precision.

Effective treatment procedure

When thermal heating is applied to vaginal tissue’s inner layers, it eventually results in regenerating the proteins and elastin in the area that is being targeted. The procedure also ensures that the natural healing process of the wound happens quickly. The ultimate result is long-lasting and holistic rehabilitation of the patient’s vaginal tissue as new and firm collagen fibers are produced that elasticize and tighten the vaginal area and increase the tone of the muscle. During sexual intercourse, there is a high potential of enhancement in pleasurable sensations. Femilift is also an effective procedure for alleviating vaginal dryness and Stress Urinary Incontinence.

Safe treatment procedure

Sedation is not required while a woman is undergoing a Femilift treatment procedure as it is a painless operation. Since the procedure is performed by experienced and expert cosmetic surgeon, no downtime is required for the complete recovery process. Breakdown of collagen can be attributed to many other factors which also include obesity. Though several women may go through this condition, some of them can feel this more when compared to others. The Femilift is an advanced treatment procedure with solutions that are readily available to any problems that it may cause.