Gentlemen, Restart Your Engines!! Male hormones are what makes us men. These hormones build our muscle mass, make us stronger and taller. They create the changes in our voice, develop body hair, and give us our sex drive. Understanding what happens with our hormones as we age is important not only for our health but for our masculinity.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we age, a man’s ability to produce hormones naturally begins to decrease. As our hormones decline our ability to handle the stresses of life, ability to maintain muscle mass and bone density, and continue a healthy sex drive becomes endangered. These hormonal imbalances that occur as we age are a normal part of the aging process, but are avoidable and reversible. Dr. Wright is committed to helping men who are struggling from imbalances of their hormones. He will work closely with you to find which hormones you need replenished so you can live a full and accomplished life.

Male Hormone Facts

The following are some things every man should know about his hormones, and hormone replacement therapy:

  • Hormones control the chemistry of your body. Without them your body wouldn’t function. Our hormone treatment programs address those hormones that most impact the aging process and quality of life.
  • Hormone treatment is safe when done correctly.
  • All of the hormones are important but testosterone is the most critical as it is responsible for most of the symptoms in andropause.
  • Male hormone therapy is healthy.

Getting It Right

Optimal hormone levels are not the same for everyone. This is where a lot of hormone programs and doctors make their mistakes. Dr. Wright is focused to get your hormones back to the levels that work best for you. Lab testing is an important part of our treatment plan but how you feel and how your symptoms are responding to treatment weighs heavily into your care.

Laboratory Testing is Important

Dr. Wright relies heavily on how you feel (subjective), but lab testing is the objective way to know exactly what is going on with the hormones inside your body. At Rejuvenate Hormone Clinic our objective is to tailor your treatment plan, not only to your goals, but to what your body is telling us through your hormone levels. These lab tests give us the ability to create the perfect care plan for what you need. After a 3 to 6 month period of having balanced hormones and a healthy lifestyle, men will lose fat, regain muscle, and as a result have a more full life. Lab testing gives us the information we need to address this situation effectively and to make adjustments to treatment as necessary.