In what seems to be in the blink of an eye, summer has come and gone. Perhaps you found yourself to be busier than ever before, or maybe you embarked on the trip of a lifetime and took some much-needed time off of work. However your life panned out this summer, we can only hope that you took advantage of the long days! Though the Pacific Northwest was, unfortunately, plagued with smoke from wildfires, Wright Surgical Arts trusts that you’ve ultimately enjoyed a safe, productive, and fun summer.

You Deserve a Relaxing Medspa Visit Before It Gets Cold Outside

After spending so much time outdoors and running around being active, it’s important to transition your body and your mindset into that of fall (and eventually winter, but we’ll slow down because we have several months until then). As you could probably guess, a visit to our medspa in Pasco can help rejuvenate you and prepare you for the colder, darker, and shorter days. Our goal is to launch you into the idyllic fall season glowing as if it’s the middle of summer!

Here are a few great reasons to visit Wright Surgical Arts before the crisp, fall air really starts to settle in. Let’s take a look.

Get a Facial to Combat Dry, Sun-Damaged Skin

Facial rejuvenation feels amazing at just about any time of the year, and the end of summer is no exception — if anything, this is the best time of the year to address and rehydrate the deep layers of your facial skin from any prolonged sun exposure during the summer. The damage that UV rays can unleash on your skin are no joke; our medspa also recommends microdermabrasion to remove any dead skin from the surface.

Get a Massage to Recover From Summer Activities

As much as we’d like to be lazy and sit indoors all day, summer is the time of year where people are the most active. From taking the kids to the park to holding yourself accountable to your fitness goals, we’re more likely to be out and about when the days are longer and warm. To help your body recuperate from all of this compounded movement and activity, a full body deep tissue massage, hot stone massage or even a Swedish massage can help alleviate any muscle-related pain that you’re experiencing.

Get a Mommy Makeover After Having a Summer Baby

Just because your summer body was compromised by having a baby doesn’t mean that you can’t enter the fall looking strong, sexy, and more confident than ever. From vaginal rejuvenation to tummy tucks, our medspa practice in Pasco will help you attain that pre-baby look you’ve been wanting.

Rejuvenate Yourself After a Busy Summer With Wright Surgical Arts

We don’t tend to realize that summer has taken a toll on our bodies until it’s over — but don’t worry because it’s not too late! Schedule an appointment today to take care of your skin, relax with a massage, or even modify your body to get ready for a fun, confident and feel-good fall. Contact our medspa specialists today if you have any questions!

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