It would be awesome if there was a simple pill we could take that would halt the aging process. Unfortunately there isn’t and aging will happen to all of us. But even though we are going to age doesn’t mean that we cant take care of ourselves increasing our longevity.

As we age our hormones are critical to how we age and we can better manage our aging if we manage our hormones. By balancing our hormones we can look and feel better, be healthier, and avoid disease and disability. At Rejuvenate Hormone Clinic we believe that you should be enjoying your lifestyle, keeping up the same activities, enjoying time with family, and an incredible sex life long into your 80’s!

Health is not just about your hormones, it is multifactorial and includes:

  1. Hormonal Balance
  2. A nutritious and balanced diet
  3. Exercise and activity
  4. Keeping stress at bay

Hormones Changes As You Age

Once you get into your late 20’s hormones will start to decline. This rate of decline plays a major roll in the time frame we will age, meaning we age because our hormones diminish. Replacing these hormones is key to healthy aging.

When asked, most men will say they felt the most energized and healthy in their 20’s and 30’s. You slept better, had more energy, sex drive was strong, muscle mass was at its peak, and you were able to stay lean. The reason you felt great during these times was that your hormones were balanced and your body was working as it was supposed to. Although we can’t reverse the clock making you younger we CAN make you feel like you once did. With balanced hormones, healthy diet and exercise this is possible.

What You Eat Is Important

We were designed for nutritious healthy foods. But today we have to fight GMO and processed foods, bioengineered produce, and food laden with significant levels of pesticides and bad hormones. Here are some keys to a healthy lifestyle:

  • Maintain a Balanced Diet – Protein, complex carbs, fat…it is important to know what you are eating.
  • Don’t Make to Many Changes at the Same Time – Too many changes too close together can make it challenging and will increase your chances of failure.
  • Take a Daily Vitamin – A good daily vitamin can help balance out the smaller things your body may be lacking.
  • Other Supplements May Be Needed – There is more your body needs that a daily multivitamin cant supply such as: fish oil, Vitamin E, C, and D3. Vitamin D has numerous health benefits as well as cancer prevention. Ask us for more information on the vitamins you may need.
  • Eat Clean – Making food at home that is unprocessed without preservatives is much healthier. Add fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet. Knowing what is in your food will help you feel better physically and mentally. It is rewarding to eat healthy, although it is unpractical to eat like this everyday when you begin to make it a habit you will begin to feel better about your self and your body. Small steps for success

Be Active

When people start thinking about being active and starting to exercise, it is often associated with dieting. We are not fans of dieting, we are all about lifestyle changes. Exercising often becomes monotonous, doing the same routines at the gym everyday. If you are doing the same thing day in and day out you will get burnt out and stop. What we prefer is for you to be active. Being active means you are out getting your heart rate to an appropriate level. That doesn’t have to just be the elliptical at the gym, although that works great! You can go biking, hiking, walking, climbing, running, etc… Get Creative! Do what works best for you. Studies have shown that 3, 30minute cardio workouts a week had the same benefit as taking zoloft. Meaning, working out significantly boosts your mental well being too! Everything works better with healthy eating and activity. Your heart, blood flow, brain, and mood. When your body is working in a healthy manner you are able to handle the stressors of life better.

Avoid Stress

You are probably thinking, ‘easier said then done!” But when your hormones are balanced, as well as healthy eating combined with physical activity, you will be able to handle stress significantly better. Here is what stress can do to your health:

  • Stress can cause brain deterioration such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Stress compromises the immune system leaving your body open to attack from bacteria and viruses.
  • Stress can fast track the aging process not only on the inside but to your face and skin.
  • Stress can deplete your bodies valuable nutrients leaving you open to disease and sickness.
  • Stress can also deplete your hormones interrupting the interrelationships that your hormones have with each other that help keep you healthy and give longevity.

If you know what stressors you have in your life then half the battle is done. Now it is just learning how to cope with them. If you don’t know then sit down and think through your routines and work life and once you discover what they are, you can begin the process of kicking stress to the curb.

Treatment at Rejuvenate Hormone Center

We’re here to help you get the exact personalized care you need. We will test your labs to find out what your hormones are currently, and then will create a customized hormone care plan just for you. Contact us to learn more about healthy aging and how we can create a safe and effective treatment program that is specifically suited to you.