Men, it is time we recognize we are not superman forever. Andropause, or male menopause, is the outcome of a steady dwindling in testosterone and other hormones. This decline begins in men in their late 20’s and we begin to notice the symptoms by our late 30’s to early 40s.

Unfortunately no man can avoid andropause. Luckily, with proper hormone treatment, symptoms can be resolved within a few weeks after hormonal balance. And in answer to your question, yes hormonal replacement is safe if done properly.

Men, it’s important for you to know that there’s a right and wrong way to do testosterone replacement, and we know how to do it right! When we help you with your testosterone replacement it is safe, minimal to no side effects, and you will be feeling like the man you want to feel like in no time!

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Don’t settle for suffering from the symptoms of andropause. You don’t have to continue feeling fatigued, depressed, and ill-tempered. You can regain fantastic sexual function, motivation, concentration, maintain muscle mass, and lose weight. With appropriate hormone therapy, symptoms typically begin to improve within the first 1-2 weeks. With a healthy lifestyle, increased activity, stress control and proper eating, symptoms can disappear within 4-8 weeks as we assist you with balancing your hormones. We invite you to look over our site, learn about us, and learn about the different hormones and symptoms. Then call us and let us use our knowledge and skill to create the perfect program for you.

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