At Rejuvenate Hormone Clinic we are committed to treating your andropause symptoms. When you meet with us we create an individualized plan to address exactly what you need. No two patients are the same and no two treatment plans are the same.

We start by checking a detailed blood test to evaluate your current hormone levels as well as assist you by creating a plan to help you live a healthy lifestyle. As a man your body was meant to be strong, feel good, have excellent sexual activity, engender mental strength, and allow you to live life with passion and enjoyment. Imbalance of hormones can limit this, but balance can give you what you have been missing.

When to Expect Results

Typically, most men began to see and feel the results of treatment soon after treatment is started. Every man is different so results can vary and also depends on your commitment to a healthier life, but below is what to generally expect.
Once your hormones are balanced:

Week 1:
You will begin to notice your mind working faster and a sense of clarity. Short term memory also improves.

Weeks 2 & 3:
Things really start to pick up! Increased excitement for life, you feel more motivated, fatigue decreases, energy levels increase, and sexual stamina begins to increase. Symptoms of andropause begin to disappear and you start to feel like a new man!

Weeks 3 & 4:
Now is when it really starts to gets awesome. Men typically begin to have morning erections again and sex dreams. Sex drive really begins to pick up and if you have been eating healthy and working out, you will notice weight loss and more productive time at the gym.

Weeks 5 & 6:
You will begin to see obvious improved results from your workouts and improved sexual performance. It’s during these weeks that you will feel like you are yourself again.