Finding a cosmetic surgeon who understands the concept of how a cosmetic procedure can bring out your natural beauty, as well as giving you the attention and personalized care you need, can lead you to look outside of your home area.

Patients from all over the world are welcomed to our facility by Dr. Wright. We will go out of our way to help make your travel and lodging arrangements a seamless, comfortable experience! Dr. Wright will also make personal visits to your hotel to see you, ensuring you are comfortable and recovering well.


Dr. Wright has a fantastic staff who will assist you with all aspects of your travel. Before you arrive we will complete as much pre-operative paperwork so little time is wasted. We will have you fill out some basic forms and send us photos through our website or email. You will be asked to arrive 1 to 2 days prior to your scheduled surgery so Dr. Wright can complete your exam and final pre-operative evaluation. Depending on the procedure you are having performed will influence our recommendations for the number of days you may need to stay after surgery. For minor procedures we at least like to see you the first post-operative day before you leave. Length of stay will be discussed with you on a case by case basis.

We recommend that you provide us with your personal physician’s contact information so that Dr. Wright can talk with them regarding your post-operative care needs once you return home. You may also need to have a pre-surgery screening by your physician for medical clearance, but this will also be discussed with you as all patients may not need this clearance.

It is recommended that you have a travel companion who will be able to assist you with your recovery needs while traveling. If you are unable to have someone with you Dr. Wright and his staff will check on you while you are staying in our care ensuring all of your needs are met and can even arrange for a nurse to stay with you.


The Tri-Cities is a mid-sized metropolitan area, fourth-largest in Washington State, in the southeastern part of Washington, consisting of three neighboring cities: Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. The area has numerous things to do while you are here. The Tri-Cities has ten beautiful golf courses to challenge the most experienced golfer, but can be enjoyed by the beginner as well. Ti-Cities is called the “Heart of Washington Wine Country” boasting more than 160 wineries within a 60-mile radius, producing some of the finest wines in the world. There are also many great restaurants as well as shopping. Plus, essentially all major airlines offer service to Pasco, where the airport is located. We recommend staying at Holiday Inn in Pasco. Please call Holiday Inn and use our name to get your discounted rate or contact us prior to booking.


Dr. Jason Wright will be able to get an extremely good idea of what your aesthetic enhancement goals are after you fill out our virtual consultation form. By completing our online exam and sending us photos of the areas you want to improve, Dr. Wright will be able to begin your evaluation as soon as possible.


Dr. Jason Wright is a highly-trained cosmetic surgeon who understands the concept of how a cosmetic procedure can bring out the natural beauty you have desired. For more information on travel arrangements to the Tri-Cities Washington and what you can expect when you arrive, please contact Wright Surgical Arts. You can also get information on flight arrangements into the Tri-Cities by calling our Office Manager, Gracie Gonzalez, at (509) 792-1404. We look forward talking and meeting you soon, and welcoming you to the Tri-Cities!