Just because you are a man doesn’t mean how you look doesn’t matter! Gone are the days when manliness scoffed at healthy skin, facials, and aging rejuvenation. Men these days are wanting to look younger, have less wrinkles, and healthier looking skin.

We all want to look our best and put on our best game-face, but for men it’s different. Cosmetic procedures for men should preserve and enhance our masculine identities and most importantly – should not produce an artificial, “done” appearance.

I believe that cosmetic procedures, including cosmetic surgery, should be more conservative in men but still achieve our aesthetic goals whether it’s simply reducing an angry or tired look with Dysport or neck contouring to tighten a loose neck or jaw line. Men want faster recovery times with a rapid return to work and we don’t like to wear make-up or talk about plastic surgery. At Wright Surgical Arts we understand these issues and we will work with you to design solutions for your aesthetic needs with as little disruption as possible to your busy work and sports activities.

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