Young man measuring her waist. Isolated on white. SculpSure concept

When it comes to weight management and fat loss, men have a distinct advantage over women because of testosterone. Generally, men store less fat and build more muscle than women. Men who exercise regularly expect to be handsomely rewarded with a chiseled, masculine physique.

Of course, men who exercise are rewarded for their efforts with improved muscle tone and a healthier cardiovascular system. But many men are plagued with an extra layer of fat that can hide the definition of their toned muscle.

Exercise Does Not Eliminate Fat Cells

If you are one of those men plagued by a bit more fat than you would like to see, you need to know something. It’s not your fault. You have no control over how your fat is stored. You are born with a set number of fat cells. These cells grow and shrink with changes in your weight, but diet and exercise do nothing to eliminate fat cells. Fat does not burn off with exercise. The fat cells may shrink a bit, but they are still there. As a result, you may have a bit more padding than you would like to see.

That is why so many men appreciate the SculpSure advantage. You can zone in on specific areas of your body and decide where to reduce your accumulated fat cells by up to 25 percent. Best of all, you can achieve these benefits safely, without invasive surgery, and without needing any time off of work for recovery. Men also like SculpSure because the results look entirely natural. After treatment, the fat reducing effects are gradual. All anyone will notice are the fantastic results of your workout routine.

SculpSure Laser Technology

With SculpSure, our targeted laser energy heats your fat cells without heating the surface of your skin. The heat damages the structural integrity of those fat cells. They cannot survive the heat. The fat cells die and are eliminated from your target areas. Your transformation is gradual. Within the next 90 days, your ongoing reward is a slimmer, firmer, more defined physique. SculpSure is effective almost anywhere you could be bothered by stubborn fat. With SculpSure you can:

  • Trim your belly
  • Flatten and define your abs
  • Reduce your double chin
  • Trim fat from your back


Your SculpSure Session

SculpSure is approved by the FDA because it has been determined to be both safe and effective. During your SculpSure treatment, a plastic template is placed on the treatment areas so we can determine how many applicators are needed for optimal results. The templates are secured with a strap. Four applicators can be used simultaneously.

When your treatment begins, you will notice a cooling sensation. The cooling is followed by gentle heat. Your skin will not be damaged by the SculpSure process. In fact, this technology will actually encourage the production of collagen in your skin, improving its strength and elasticity. You will feel 10 seconds of cooling followed by 20 seconds of warmth. Your treatment will take 25 minutes.

You will be advised to massage your treatment area for five minutes. You will do this twice a day for the next ten days. Massage will help your body eliminate the dead fat cells.

Your Results Appear Over Time

Over time, your body eliminates the dead cells, and you will see the changes in your form as you become firmer and more defined. Your optimal results will be apparent within 30 to 60 days. You may want more than one SculpSure session to receive optimal results.  Men are impressed when they learn the advantages that SculpSure has over liposuction.

  • No Surgery
  • No Anesthesia
  • No Downtime
  • No Compression
  • No Bandages

SculpSure treatments will not make any noticeable changes on your scale but will eliminate the excess fat from your treatment areas. When your diet and exercise program are not producing the results you want to see, you can safely and effectively eliminate stubborn fat deposits with SculpSure.

The only way you will know if SculpSure is right for you is to schedule a consultation. In Pasco, WA, contact Wright Surgical Arts. Find out if SculpSure is your best option to trim stubborn fat and reveal your defined form.