Millions of men and women in the U.S. suffer from hormone imbalances. These hormone deficiencies can have a significant impact on all aspects of life ranging from our work performance to our sex life. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, commonly referred to as BHRT, is a safe and effective way to balance hormones so that you feel more like yourself. The following a few of the most common questions that we get from patients considering BHRT.

How Do Bioidentical Hormones Differ From Synthetic Hormones?

There are two significant differences between bioidentical and synthetic hormones. While synthetic hormones may mimic the natural hormones produced by the body, the molecular structure is not the same. This can lead to unpleasant side effects. Bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, are structurally identical to the body’s own hormones, which makes them more effective and less likely to cause side effects. Unlike synthetic hormones that come in set dosages, the dosage of bioidentical hormones can be customized to the needs of each patient. This further reduces the possibility of side effects.

When Should I See Results From BHRT?

Your hormones levels did not drop overnight, so bringing your levels back up to normal will also be a gradual process. Some patients do notice improved energy and sleep within a matter of weeks; however, it may take a few months for your hormones to come into balance so that you notice the full benefits.

What Are the Side Effects of BHRT?

Since bioidentical hormones are replicas of those naturally produced by the body, there are few side effects. Some patients experience an increase in acne, irritability, and aggressiveness when starting the therapy. Women may experience increased breast tenderness, bloating, cramping, and spotting. Side effects typically resolve as the body adjusts to the treatment or with minor adjustments in dosage.

What Is the Best Age to Start BHRT?

Most people develop symptoms of hormone imbalance by their 30s or 40s as normal hormone production begins to fluctuate due to perimenopause and andropause; however, even younger patients may benefit from BHRT if they are experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms.

How Long Do I Continue BHRT?

This really depends on the patient. In most cases, hormone levels will gradually decline causing deficiency symptoms to return if the therapy is stopped. As a result, most patients choose to continue the therapy for the rest of their life. Unlike synthetic hormones, there are no known adverse complications from long-term bioidentical hormone therapy.

What Are the Ingredients in Bioidentical Hormones?

The prime ingredients in bioidentical hormones are plant-based hormones, such as those found in yams and soy. Additional ingredients vary depending on the specific hormone.

Will BHRT Help Me Lose Weight?

Hormones control our metabolism and energy level. As a result, some patients do experience a certain amount of gradual weight loss when their hormones are brought into balance. Other factors, including diet and activity level, also play a role in determining the amount of weight, if any, that you lose.

Will BHRT Interfere With My Other Medications?

It is very rare for bioidentical hormones to interfere with medications or supplements. The greatest risk for an interaction is with other medications that contain hormones, such as birth control pills. It is important to tell us about any medications and supplements that you are taking before starting BHRT so that we can reduce the risk of an interaction.

What Are the Benefits of BHRT for Women?

Women typically experience hormonal imbalances during menopause as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels decline. This can cause uncomfortable symptoms, including night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and decreased libido. Restoring hormone levels through BHRT can reduce or eliminate many of these symptoms.

What Are the Benefits of BHRT for Men?

As testosterone levels drop, men can experience a loss of energy, decreased libido, difficulty maintaining mental focus, and a loss of muscle mass. BHRT can reduce symptoms of low testosterone and provide renewed vitality.

If you are experiencing hormone deficiency symptoms, call us today for a consultation to determine if BHRT is right for you.