Skin care is often a hit-and-miss prospect. With so many products on the market all claiming to perform miracles, how do you know which products are worth the investment and which are simply providing empty promises? Here’s a suggestion: Why not see what your dermatologist or plastic surgeon carries? After all, who understands skin, how it functions and how it responds to specific formulations better than a doctor that specializes in skin issues?

Dr. Wright, of Wright Surgical Arts in Pasco, Washington doesn’t carry an enormous variety of skin care products. Instead, he focuses on a few key lines that have been shown in independent studies to actually do what they say they’ll do. Here are the products that he believes will benefit your skin better than anything else that’s out there …


If you’ve never heard much about Epionce, it’s probably because it’s not a line you’ll find at a high-end department store. It’s marketed exclusively to skin professionals, who aren’t easily fooled by good advertising. They want facts and they want to carry skin care products they believe in.

Epionce isn’t complicated. It’s a four-step system that provides everything you need to care for your skin and provide it with what it needs. It’s a system because all Epionce components are designed to work synergistically with one another.

Like most skin care regimens, Epionce formulates its products for different types of skin. If you’re not sure of your specific skin type, your doctor can guide you, which is another benefit of buying skin care from a doctor specializing in skin! The four-step Epionce system includes

  1. A gentle cleanser called Cleanse & Repair that will remove dirt and makeup without irritating or drying your skin.
  2. Epionce Correct & Boost is a preparation that helps reduce the appearance of imperfections, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, evenstexture, diminishes the appearance of dark spots and reduces redness and irritation.
  3. Renew & Fortify helps further reduce the signs of aging and makes skin smoother, softer and healthier.
  4. Epionce’s Protect & Prevent is the final step in the Epionce system. It helps prevent premature aging (or further sun damage) by providing UVA/UVB sun protection. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave behind a white residue. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and can be used alone or under make up.

The efficacy of Epionce products are backed by hard science, not the usual “Eighty percent of women notice a reduction in fine lines” kind of qualitative results that most skin care products provide. Epionce uses quantitative — clinical studies where results are measured and not simply anecdotal. And rather than relying on an “in-house” research department that may be inclined to be overly optimistic about the results of a clinical study, Epionce used nationally-recognized independent research organizations to quantify real results. Here’s how Epionce products stack up after independent clinical studies …

  • 91% visible improvement in radiance and clarity
  • 64% visible improvement in skin texture
  • 38% visible improvement in fine lines
  • 33% visible improvement in wrinkles

Those are the facts — facts that are accurate and reliable!


Anybody who’s ever had their bikini line, upper lip, or underarms waxed knows first-hand about the irritation that can follow. Red, painful bumps, in-grown hairs and irritation are all too often the by-products of waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal. PFB’s Vanish and Vanish + Chromabrite can take care of all of the nasty side-effects. Vanish with antibacterial ingredients exfoliates, soothes and leaves skin silky and smooth. Vanish + Chromabrite adds a skin lightener to take care of pigmentation problems and it works on all skin colors. And PFBNumb-IT used 20 minutes before a hair-removal procedure will ensure that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.


A quick-drying solution for healing scars after surgery, bioCorneum®+ is the choice of plastic surgeons to facilitate healing, reduce redness, and prevent the sun from darkening scars with an SPF. You can read real patient testimonials from people who’ve seen great results from this safe (It’s FDA-cleared), patented silicone gel. There’s nothing better for helping scars to mature without a bumpy texture or discoloration, all while relieving the itching and irritation that is often part of the healing process.

Don’t trust the skin care recommendations of a department store clerk! Rely instead on the products that dermatologists and plastic surgeons endorse and feel confident that you’re giving your skin the best care possible!